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When you need an investigator, turn to Exemplar Enterprises, Inc. for a wide range of investigation services and consulting. You are able to make more informed decisions when you have the right information provided through research, investigation and documentation services. Our goal is to partner with attorneys, businesses, insurance and individual clients to assist their efforts in achieving success with a particular matter.

Don’t settle for a team that can’t give you answers, instead, discover how using research, documentation and investigative services can tip the scale with a matter or organizational issue by assisting you with specialized and personal service.

With more than 40 years of experience, specialized analytical skills and personal service, Exemplar can provide you a level of expertise our competitors can’t match. We separate ourselves from other investigative agencies by possessing resources and services most agencies don’t offer.

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We take the time to educate our clients on various avenues available so you can make an informed decision and can often assist client by providing a proactive solution preventing the need for further action.

If you have a desire to know what an investigator in the private sector can do to assist in meeting your objective, call Exemplar Enterprises, Inc.


Private Investigators and Services in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Records Research

We partner with our clients, attorneys, or insurance companies to achieve the outcome desired. We take research very seriously and teach a class on how to do it.

Social Media Research, Capture and Validation

Through the use of specialized tools, our social media expert is able to capture and validate information as well as search, collect, and analyze open source data anonymously.  Once this data is captured, validated and certified with meta data it is acceptable for use in court as evidence in your case.

Family Issues and Family Matters

We execute various investigations related to family issues and family court including custody cases and adultery. If you are considering divorce, don’t retain only an attorney. Learn from the very beginning how an investigative agency can reduce your exposure, reduce cost and aide in a more successful outcome.

Digital Forensic Services (Mobile Devices, Computers, Tablets, etc.)

Through the use of an advanced forensic data extraction and analysis system that has over 12 years of development supporting logical extractions, physical extractions, password bypass, & file system extraction of thousands of devices including mobile phones, computers, tablets, gaming systems and more. Our Certified Mobile Forensic Examiner uses forensic tools with features such as case cross validation, and different levels of reporting. 


Research and Background Information

We offer business intelligence research, civil and criminal records research, nationwide computer database research, and baseline database research. Get the hard indisputable facts regarding a future business partnership, before committing to a significant other or to support your legal matter.

Witness Investigations

We conduct witness interviews, investigate witness credibility, gather statements and locate witnesses for specific matters ranging from civil to criminal. Witnesses can be important to litigation and their ability to recall information is critical. An investigator with sound interview skills can make all the difference in making a witness comfortable and able to recall the most important details.



Our business services range from financial and asset investigations to employee matters such as reference and background checks, sexual harassment investigations and security issues while maintaining compliance with FCRA, GLB, HIPPA and Drivers Privacy Protection Act. Don’t wait until there is a crisis. Be proactive and get the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.


Injury Matters

Injury matters can be very costly. Get the right documentation at the onset of an accident. Whether you need photographs, research, interviews or surveillance, solid investigative service can make all the difference.



We can help locate a witness related to an accident or crime as well as missing persons or family members.



Investigative and documentation photography is different from other types of photography. Make sure you have the right documentation as soon as there is a possibility of experiencing a loss of property or as soon as you have incurred damages.


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