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Investigator Notes
Investigator Notes is for Licensed Private Investigators and those in related fields. The intent is to provide a professional forum to discuss legislative, investigative and general information relevant to the private investigation industry.

Investigator Notes online community was created to offer a forum in which professional private investigators can share ideas, techniques, monitor legislative issues and new laws pertaining to the industry. Our focus is on providing professionals with online investigaton resources, posting of job opportunities or learning opportunities and/or assistance. Please join us and express your thoughts. The intent of this site is to present a truly professional platform for all to have a voice.

Please join us and express your thoughts.

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An Investigator's Thoughts...


I was sitting at the computer and began a reflection on our chosen profession.  The following is what came to mind so I decided to share it with all. 

Many years ago, when I first started in the PI business, there was no licensing, no video camera's much less digital formats, no computers, no real proprietary databases.   All that we needed was a good 35mm camera, a shingle hanging on the door,  a typewriter, an ability to search court records, and the ability to think out the box or ahead of the target.


Then we faced licensing and we all frowned and felt that big brother would always be looking over our shoulder or getting our hard earned bucks.  On top of which, we started having to take 8 hours CEH which seasoned investigators truly resented and some still do.

Today we are facing some of the toughest legislative issues seen in the field.   We are all appalled and are working our fingers to the bones writing letters to state our need for information and that we have earned that right as a professional which has led me to think hard about what has taken place over the last twenty years.

Without realizing it perhaps, those responsible for implementing licensing had foresight of what was to come or maybe they had other ideas in mind.  But I'm thankful, at least today, that we are licensed because there is a great deal of discussion about PI's that are state licensed being able to have some access that non-licensing state PI's may not have.

Then I thought about how often we are stating that we are professionals which led me to consider its definition in the literal sense.  Black Law's Dictionary states a professional is someone engaged in one of the learned professions or in an occupation requiring a high level of training and proficiency.

As we are all aware, our chosen field is becoming extremely complex with advances in technology, using computers, mastering equipment and keeping up with laws.  We are truly becoming professionals whether or not we ever had that desire   And to continue the professional trend as defined we must continue receiving a high level of training and be able to demonstrate proficiency in services we provide.

Thus the days of hanging up a shingle and calling oneself a PI are gone and gone forever.  I really prefer the idea of being a professional than just a PI.  I believe most of us do..the benefits are endless and in these times of change it is now a necessity.  Let's at least consider being state licensed and taking CEH greatly contribute to our gaining status as professionals.

Let's all continue to increase our status and put forth the greatest effort to be professionals, not only in our level of training and proficiency but in our ethics and professionalism.

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