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Research, Document & Investigative Services

All services will be done in compliance with FCRA, GLB, HIPPA and Drivers Privacy Protection Act.

Located near New Orleans, LA., Exemplar Enterprises, Inc., provides legal research for the desired outcome in your case.

Family Matters

Our private investigators are qualified experts in handling family matters.
  • Obtain factual hard information to support allegations with third party documentation.
  • Instruct clients on how to properly document a case.
  • Possess solid information to present in court or to child custody evaluators.
  • Meet civil code evidence necessary for proving adultery.
  • Security in knowing a significant other is who they portray themselves to be.
  • Sleep at night knowing your teenager is safe and forthcoming about their activity.
  • Exemplar can research person’s that may impact your family, conduct surveillance to document activities, instruct clients on documentation, conduct interviews from persons of relevance to your matter.

Digital Forensic Services

  • Through the use of an advanced forensic data extraction and analysis system that has over 12 years of development supporting logical extractions, physical extractions, password bypass, & file system extraction of thousands of devices including mobile phones, computers, tablets, gaming systems and more. Our Certified Digital Forensic Examiner uses forensic tools with features such as case cross validation, and different levels of reporting.
    • Recover:
  • Existing and Deleted Text Messages
  • Existing and Deleted Photographs
  • Call Logs Existing and Deleted
  • Voicemail
  • Browser History / Bookmarks
  • Email Account
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Maps History
  • Notes
  • Installed Applications

Research Matters

Exemplar has qualified as experts in the field of conducting various types of research using the most current research tools and databases available.

  • Civil and criminal records research
  • Business research including company profile information, prior judgments, Dunn & Bradstreet to name a few.
  • Serving difficult subpoenas, success rates increase through the use of research tools. Currently, Exemplar has a 99% success rate serving difficult subpoenas.
  • Back ground investigations and intelligence
  • Witness credibility
  • Client credibility
  • Pre-marital Potential stepparent checks
  • Background check on day care facilities
  • Background check on elderly care facilities
  • Real property holdings 

Insurance Defense

Exemplar provides services to cover all aspects of insurance defense matters resulting in obtaining evidence to minimize damages.

  • Research a person’s background and search court records for prior issues.
  • Locate witnesses related to an accident.
  • Obtain photographs, measurements and other documentation where injury occurred.
  • Interview witnesses and obtain recorded statements delivered by disc and transcript.
  • Conduct surveillance to determine the injured party’s activity level.
  • Police report assessment
Investigative Services in Westwego, LA

Plaintiff Cases

Exemplar can assist a Plaintiff in proving their case by obtain the correct documentation and research.

  • Research a person’s background and search records for prior issues.
  • Locate witnesses related to an accident.
  • Obtain photographs, measurements and other documentation where injury occurred.
  • Interview witnesses and obtain recorded statements delivered by disc and transcript
  • Police report assessment. 


Criminal Matters

Exemplar can work with your defense team by assisting in developing evidence or areas of weakness to prove a person innocent of charges.

  • Witness identification and interviews. 
  • Police report assessment
  • Identify areas to assist with defense
  • Scene assessment including photographs, video, measurements.
  • Canvasses of crime area.      


Exemplar vast experience can benefit the legal, insurance, business and individuals as to research, documentation and investigations.

  • Provide evidence collected from other sources and/or investigators and we will review, analyze and identify questionable information and determine means for proving.
  • Trial preparation and testifying guidance.
  • Instruct clients on preparing for evaluations and/or mediation.
  • Instruct clients on proper documentation for their particular matter.
  • Instruct clients on how to best use and select an investigator.


Business & Business Intelligence

Our private investigators can assist a business in due diligence research, risk assessment, internal theft, sexual harassment and research before purchasing a company or going into partnership.

  • Corporation and limited liability.
  • Dunn & Bradstreet.
  • Prior civil or criminal screening.
  • Prior judgments.
  • Assets.
  • Commercial driver license (CDL) reporting.
  • Know where your drivers are located.
  • Develop company profiles before entering into a business agreement or partnership.
  • Investigate employee related matters including interviews as they may pertain to issues such as theft or sexual harassment. 
  • Work with businesses to develop employee manuals and to assure compliance with FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)
  • Assess property for proper use of lighting and other security measure to protect property and aid in employee safety while on the job.
  • Conduct mystery shopping or undercover investigations to get to the bottom of a situation.
Research, Document & Investigative Services in Westwego, LA

General Services

Exemplar is a full service research, documentation and investigative agency providing a full range of services to meet legal, business, insurance and client needs. 

  • Driving Information including registered owners, driver history, insurance checks, real time Global Positioning System (GPS) services, Federal Motor Carrier research related to DOT trucks.
  • Interview anyone who may be able to contribute information to a particular matter.
  • Obtain statements from anyone who may be able to contribute information on a particular matter.
  • Photography of accident scenes, vehicles, injuries, residences and any facility, person or object related to a matter needing specific documentation.
  • Video editing, rendering and duplication.
  • Counter intelligence.
  • Process service specializing in documentation, locating, identifying and successfully serving those avoiding or dodging service.